Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

Released on February 25th, 2021

Letter from the Pastor

Our annual report helps us reflect on our successes and struggles of the past year, and consider where God might be leading us in the year to come.

2020 has been a time of great stretching and adaptation for FPCC. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges, but our congregation has faithfully risen to meet them. Our audio/visual team has acquired new skills, and new equipment thanks to your generosity and the Streams of Mercy Never Ceasing fundraiser, allowing us to continue providing worship on YouTube every Sunday morning. Through WebEx and Zoom small groups have continued to connect and learn together. And our intrepid staff has provided morning prayer videos on YouTube for midweek spiritual refreshment.

Our on-site Preschool, Beginnings and Beyond, has continued to nurture families and young children with Christian-focused Montessori instruction for Toddlers through Kindergarten. With health and safety measures in place, Beginnings and Beyond reopened for onsite learning in June restoring a bit of normality to families’ lives.

In spite of sheltering in place, we’ve had some tremendous highlights this past year. In February we partnered with Faith Alliance for a Moral Economy for an Ash Wednesday service in Todos Santos plaza. Our Connections Team creatively brought us together with goodie bags and virtual social events. The Parking Lot Carol Sing in December was tons of fun! Our amazing choir, under the expert direction of Andrew Cardiasmenos, performed a wonderful anthem for our Christmas Eve service. I could go on and on and on.

As we look forward to 2021 we eagerly anticipate returning to worship in our beautiful sanctuary with our newly restored organ, and finding new ways of living out our mission:

  • To love God more fully through worship and deeper personal relationships with God.
  • To love people more completely, meeting them where they are and inviting them into encounters with Christ.
  • To serve more passionately with open and generous hearts and minds.
  • From the people who change diapers and take out the trash to those who organize events and lead worship, may this report reflect our gratitude for all the hard work and amazing talent that each of you has lovingly given to FPCC in 2020. And may we join together in thanking God for hope and guidance going forward.

    Rev. Dr. Johanna McCune Wagner
    Senior Pastor