Special Events

January 8, 2021
a stack of folded blankets atop an elongated messy heart logo with the text of the blog post superimposed on top

Spread the Warmth Blanket Drive

Dear FPCC Family Members, The Concord “Under the Overpass Outreach” ministry provides services and supplies for the individuals living out in the elements. They have asked […]
January 5, 2021
a background of sparkly hearts with the text "shalom of the heart"

January: Shalom of the Heart

In January we focus on emotional shalom, the Shalom of the Heart, celebrating God’s good gifts to us and our identities as God’s beloved children. Morning […]
December 8, 2020
a graphic of three purple and one pink candles, lit, with greenery

Advent Calendar

“Lift up Your heads, ye mighty gates” and “look east,” for “the time is near of the crowning of the year!” These are some of the […]
December 3, 2020
a collage of photos on a blue background: FPCC's messy heart logo with mission statement, the words "Christmas offering" against a snowy background with a star graphic, the text "Monument Crisis Center", several dozen people outside the Monument Crisis Center with the text "Community Support", kids picking out backpacks with the text "backpack distribution", hands packing canned food in a box with the text "food distribution", and people eating in a cafeteria with the text "resources and assistance." with the text "Note: the above photos were taken prior to Covid19" in the footer

Mission Christmas Offering

Dear FPCC Family Members, Each year the Great Commission Team chooses one of its supported missionary groups to receive a special Christmas Offering. The Christmas 2020 […]
November 12, 2020
Cover of the book Mary had a Baby with a painting of a black woman holding a black baby against a an outdoor night time background

Advent Small Groups

African American Spirituals During Advent the Monday and Wednesday Small Groups are excited to invite you to join us in our next study – Mary Had a […]
November 4, 2020
two small stacks of coins with plant sprouts next to a jar of coins with a larger sprout against a sunny background with the text "Stewardship 2021"

Stewardship 2021

Our Stewardship campaign for 2021 is off and running, and now is the time to consider your pledge to fulfilling our vision for the coming year. […]
October 26, 2020
a city skyline at dawn with the text "Shalom of the City"

November: Shalom of the City

Inspired by God’s words in Jeremiah 29:1-9, this month we focus on the welfare of the larger community in which we live, the Shalom of the […]
October 16, 2020
a setting sun with a dramatic sky of clouds with a bright star twinkling down on a small nativity scene with the text Christmas begins with Christ

Gifts Around the World

The virtual Gifts Around the World campaign to support some of our missionaries starts Sunday, October 18! The catalog of gifts is available from this link […]
September 29, 2020
a sketch drawing of two hands reaching toward each other, reminiscent of Adam and God in Michaelangelo's fresco "The Creation of Adam" with the text "Social Shalom"

October: Social Shalom

For October our Shalom focus will be on interpersonal relationships. From the Sunday sermon series and Morning Prayer topics to virtual events and recommended readings, there […]
July 31, 2019

Introducing Pastor Johanna

It has been two long years, but at last your Pastor Nominating Committee is thrilled to announce that we have found the next pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Concord!
April 5, 2019

First Press: April/May

God’s Pick-Me-Up by Darryl McCollum, CLP The middle of March was turning out to be very stressful. It seemed as if every aspect of life was […]
February 7, 2019

First Press: February / March

Pastor Notes by Darryl McCollum, CLP Happy New Year – I know by the time this is read the baby New Year will have learned to […]
November 10, 2018

First Press: Winter Issue

In This Issue: Deny Yourself – Cover Article by Darryl McCollum, CLP Worship & Music Christmas Concert December 9th African Children’s Choir January 2nd Preschool Fundraiser […]