We have been blessed with a long legacy in downtown Concord and excellent facilities to make available to a wide range of community organizations.

How to reserve a room

We are happy to reserve rooms for FPCC groups and members, plus church-sponsored activities as well as other Christian and non-profit community service groups.

Step 1: Contact the church office and inquire if there is space available on the date you are interested in. We highly recommend reserving your room well in advance, and kindly ask at least three-days notice on any reservation for set-up and arrangements.

Step 2: When the date is reserved, complete the Facility Request Form (also available in the church office). Once we have a confirmed date and completed form, the date is entered into our master schedule, and we will guard it with our lives!
Office staff are happy to answer any questions you have about our policy or the request form. Groups that are not specifically "sponsored" by the church must present a certificate of liability insurance, and usually, a room rental fee is charged for non-church groups.

Step 3: Two or three days before your event, the responsible person needs to pick up a key to the requested facility from the church office and confirm the room set-up.

Any questions? Send an email to FPCC@fpcconcord.org or call us at (925) 676-7177.

Questions on reserving a room?

Inquire about your needs and dates!





Fellowship Hall

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Vineyard Community Center