Easter Season Themes

yellow daffodils

In the church calendar, the Easter Season comprises Easter Sunday plus the next six Sundays and features the following themes:

  • The empty tomb.
  • Three of Jesus’s resurrection appearances to his disciples.
  • Two of the most famous metaphors Jesus uses to explain who he is (the good shepherd, the true vine).
  • Two passages that explore who the disciples ultimately have become, given their relationship with Jesus.

Beginning Easter morning, we will explore these texts with an eye to what they may have to tell us about what it means to be an Easter Sunday Christian; the various ways Jesus seeks to calm his disciples’ fears and respond to their doubts concerning his death and resurrection; Jesus’s sense of himself and how this sense can become foundational for the Christian life; and who, not just the disciples, but we have become, thanks to our relationship with Jesus.

Join us in the sanctuary and online this Easter Season as we encounter a resurrection Jesus who cannot be locked out, who breathes the Spirit, eats fish, loves his disciples as friends, invites us into a relationship with him that is an extension of his relationship with God, and believes in us, as we believe in him.