February: Shalom of a Calling

feet wearing sneakers beginning to take a step with a bridge and body of water in the distance and the text "Shalom of a Calling"

This month we open ourselves to vocational shalom, Shalom of a Calling. Later this month on Ash Wednesday (February 17) we will enter into Lent, an annual period of reflection and contemplation preparing us for the commemoration of Christ’s sacrifice on Good Friday and the celebration of his resurrection on Easter Sunday. This year, may Lent be a season of opening ourselves to whatever calls God may be putting on our lives, both our individual lives and our corporate life as a church body. Tune in to morning prayers our YouTube channel on Wednesday mornings to explore this theme and connect with small groups on Monday and Wednesday evenings for companionship and guidance on our Lenten journeys. Contact Rebecca Chase to get connected with small groups.