Advent Calendar

a graphic of three purple and one pink candles, lit, with greenery

“Lift up Your heads, ye mighty gates” and “look east,” for “the time is near of the crowning of the year!” These are some of the sounds of Advent, a season that reminds “the people who walked in darkness” to “awaken to see a great light.” So “comfort, comfort now God’s people” and “tell of peace.” Emmanuel, God-with-Us, is coming, “the Child of our longing.” — Pastor Johanna

Our wonderful Connections Team has put together a calendar of action items and scripture passages for reflection for each day of the Advent season this year. Clicking this link will take you to a PDF document of the calendar on FPCC’s website that you can download and print. Join us in anticipating and preparing for the coming of the light of Christ into our world!

Officially Advent is the season on the church calendar beginning the fourth Sunday before Christmas and leading up to Christmas. The word “Advent” means “the arrival.”

Advent encourages use to:

  • Focus on Jesus in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day. 
  • Be filled with the hope, peace, joy, and love of Christ.
  • Remember that one holy night long ago with gratitude and wonder.
  • Look forward to the second advent when Christ returns victorious.

Why focus on kindness this Advent Season?

It’s been a tough year and the world could use more of the grace of God, which can be seen when we are kind to one another. Grace is one of the fundamentals of our faith and hinges on kindness. Jesus’ commanded us to love God and one another. So this season join us in putting faith into action by being kind to those around us, including ourselves. Consider the actions in this Advent calendar as ways to intentionally be Jesus’s hands and feet during this season of waiting.