November: Shalom of the City

a city skyline at dawn with the text "Shalom of the City"

Inspired by God’s words in Jeremiah 29:1-9, this month we focus on the welfare of the larger community in which we live, the Shalom of the City. Clicking this link will take you to the Biblegateway website to read Jeremiah 29:1-9.

Even though Christians may experience themselves as out of sync with urban culture (to the point that they may feel like they are exiles in this context), God wants us to dedicate ourselves to seeking the welfare of the people in whose midst we live and not to pretend that there is some way to escape this responsibility.

So this month we think about the often overlooked members of our community – the homeless, foster kids, the mentally ill, among many others. Learn more with these resources to read and watch. Clicking this link will take you to a downloadable PDF document on FPCC’s website.

And get involved with this Shalom of the City project from the Outreach Team. You can help by preparing a shoebox gift for Operation Christmas Child, now through November 23.

Children around the world are experiencing the effects of Covid-19. Many of these children do not even have the comfort and confidence of knowing Jesus loves them. Join us and pack a shoebox with fun and necessary items to make a child smile somewhere in a city across the globe. Samaritan’s Purse adds a little story about Jesus! Click here for ideas on what you can put in your shoebox. Clicking this link will take you to the Operation Christmas Child page of the Samaritan’s Purse website. Drop off your shoebox at Calvary Chapel, 4065 Nelson Ave, Concord from Nov 16 through Nov 23 after 12 noon. Dates for FPCC drop-off TBA. Need a shoebox? We’ve got some! Contact Ruth Stevenson or Rebecca Chase for more details or with questions.

Please consider enclosing $9 for shipping and processing. If you donate online,  you can print your own label and follow your box! Clicking this link will take you to a page on the Samaritan’s Purse website where you can print your own label.