Streams of Mercy, Never Ceasing Fundraiser

a sound mixing board

We are a spiritual community hub, creating points of entry into experiences of Christ, even while our community is attending remotely and then moving into a hybrid live/remote model this fall into 2021. As we embrace a new normal of worship, we will take steps to improve our quality of output and reduce labor needed to stream worship services.We are continually striving to bring you the very best online services we can, but our equipment needs an upgrade. We are proposing a round of focused fundraising to supplement current investments in our staff to preach and perform music … building on the quality soundboard installed last year. We targeted the following key pieces of technology, and training for more people to be able to help with this work.

  • Mac mini: $1800
  • New camera: $2500
  • Consulting Fees: $1200
  • 3x Sound canceling headphones: $750
  • Cords and Adapters: $200
  • TOTAL: $6450

Make a gift to this fundraiser to help offset the cost of a cord, a set of headphones, or an hour of consulting time with a professional audio engineer. Together we can truly elevate our online worship experience.