Pastor Nominating Committee - Process Timeline

First Presbyterian Church Concord is currently seeking a new Senior Pastor. This website is designed to keep our members and prospective pastors informed of our process and progress.  Qualified candidates are invited to submit their PIFs through the Church Leadership Connection (CLC) or e-mail directly to


Rogene Baxter, Donna Noonan


Liane Cismowski, Dave Engelbrektson, Ann Graybehl, Eric Hansen, Jon Myers, Linda Richardson,
Walt Rogers, Fran Schadler, Carrie Smith, David Ssebulime, David Stearns

We are on step 6


FPCC holds an installation service for the new Senior Pastor.
Thanks be to God!



NOMINATE: Report to Session and the congregation. Schedule a Candidate Sermon Sunday at FPCC and hold a Congregational Meeting for a vote. If approved
by vote of FPCC and Presbytery, proceed to installation.


SELECT: Conduct in-person interviews with top candidates.  Visit candidates at their
churches (without their congregation knowing).  Hear top candidate preach in a neutral pulpit.
Pray, confer with COM, extend a call to one candidate.


REVIEW: Candidates pass through step-by-step review process, moving to next step if successful:
 - Prayerfully review and rank each Personal Information Form (PIF) received
 - Listen to and rank sermon tapes/CDs
 - Conduct initial phone interviews with candidates
 - Check references (including Presbytery check)


SEARCH: Post the Church Information Form (CIF) on national Presbyterian Church Leadership Connection (CLC)
website pastor search database (January 2008).  Advertise in Christianity Today.  Follow-up on referrals, and network
for recommendations.  Begin to receive pastor candidates' Personal Information Forms (PIFs).


CREATE: Complete Church Information Form (CIF), including Senior Pastor position description and desired skills.  Present the
CIF to Session and COM for approval (CIF approval December 2008).


ORGANIZE: Nominating Committee compiles slate of  Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC), Session endorses, and congregation approves
(June 2008). Kickoff meeting in June, with attendance by representative from San Francisco Presbytery Committee on Ministry (COM). Regular
meetings begin.  Committee elects co-chairs and begins by reviewing Mission Study Report, pastor search process, and essentials of our faith.


STUDY:  Form Mission Study Committee. Complete Mission Study Report (April 2008), Session approves, and sends to Presbytery Committee on
Ministry (COM) for approval.  COM approves Mission Study Report (May 2008).