FPCC in Transition

With the departure of our last head pastor in 2016, we have entered a new chapter in our church’s 136-year story.

Read our full Mission Study to understand more about our context in downtown Concord, our church legacy, and our prayers and vision for the future.

  • February 2016

    Pastor Bill Azbell left to pursue a call to international missions
  • May 2016 – Aug 2018

    Pastor Toby Nelson enters as interim pastor. Under his leadership, we engaged in deep and critical self-assessment of our gifts and strengths, re-evaluation of our core identity, our mission in our community, and renewal of our worship and ministries.
  • March 2017

    We begin a Mission Study to assess the strengths and needs of our church and community
  • May 2017

    Our Mission Study is accepted by Session and Presbytery and published
  • June 2017

    Our Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) convenes to begin the search for our next installed pastor
  • August 2017

    Our Ministry Information Form goes live online, and we begin reviewing pastoral candidates
  • August 2018

    Interim Pastor Toby Nelson left FPCC to better care for his wife of 50 years, Judy Nelson.
  • August 2018 – Present

    This is an exhilarating time to be part of FPCC. Our amazing session, staff, and Commissioned Lay Pastors are leading us through a wonderful time of ministry as the PNC continues the process of discerning God’s call for our church and the referred candidates.
    The PNC has reviewed 234 pastor resumes, about 70% of which were referred to us and 30% sought us out themselves. We have conducted 25 interviews, checked countless references, and met face-to-face with several top-tier candidates. Please keep the PNC in your prayers and join us in this exciting time of change and renewal!