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Pastor Notes by Darryl McCollum, CLP

I am so excited to be sharing the teaching and preaching with Ann and some wonderful guests during this season between Pastor Toby and Pastor ??? – The PNC is diligently screening candidates to find the pastor God is calling to lead us into the future.

In the meantime, just know that this church is in remarkably capable hands. The session and staff are not only amazing, but they are excited about moving forward on many items which they discern as God’s calling for our little corner of God’s Kingdom. We covet your prayers, your affirmations, but above all your voice, as we build the future together. We aren’t standing still waiting for a new pastor to make things happen. We are perfectly suited to take action now for the Kingdom. We have amazing leadership in our session, our church family is solid, we show potential for growth each week, we are preaching and teaching the gospel, and most importantly we are building the Kingdom by loving God, loving people, and serving where called. I just got goosebumps as I wrote that, but it’s because I believe it with all my heart.

One very tangible way for each of us to participate in the life of our family is to come alongside the pastors and CLP’s that will be teaching each week. As an experiment, Ann and I thought it would be interesting to list the Lectionary readings for the following week in the order of worship each Sunday. The lectionary is a pre-selected group of scriptures that follow a three-year cycle. It is used by many churches to develop the Sunday service. The spiritual statement made when many thousands of churches teach on the same topic on the same day is powerful.

There are four categories of readings:

  1. Reading One is a passage from the Old Testament and a Psalm.
  2. Alt Reading One is sometimes blank or sometimes is an Old Testament passage and a Psalm.
  3. Reading Two is a New Testament reading or Epistle.
  4. Reading Three is a Gospel account.

My hope is that many of you will take time from your week to immerse yourself in the Word. I used the word “immerse” in my sermon on Aug 26th intentionally because I really believe that immersion in Christ, whether that be in prayer, Scripture, and/or fellowship with each other, is the best way to learn what it means to be a follower of Christ. If you can read them all – GREAT. If not, please read the New Testament and Gospel readings, since those will primarily be where the sermon content comes from.

I could not be more joy-filled at the prospect of helping to bridge the gap between senior pastors. There are exciting things happening and glorious days ahead, but we can’t get to where God is calling us without every one of our FPCC family. I leave you with the commandment that Christ gave to us – “Love one another as I have loved you ”- Jesus

In Christ’s Love
– Darryl