Generous Justice: Summer Adult Sunday School

Our summer adult Sunday school classes will be based on Tim Keller’s book Generous Justice taught by Ann Keirns and others.

June 3rd: Pastor Toby leads with the explanation of the three Hebrew words: mercy, justice, and judgement. Ann Keirns continues with chapter 2: Justice and the Old Testament

June 10th: Andrew Cardiasmenos will be leading a study of chapter 3: What did Jesus say about Justice?

June 17th: Chapter 4: Justice and your Neighbor

June 24h: Chapter 5: Why Should We Do Justice?

July 1st: Chapter 6: How Should We Do Justice?

July 8th: Chapter 7: Doing Justice in the Public Square

July 15th: Chapter 8: Peace, Beauty, and Justice

Watch Tim Keller expound on what he means by ‘Generous Justice’ with the video that we watched in class on May 6th: