April Adventure

Join us as we embark on an adventurous April! Our goal is to stir up old habits, try new things, and refresh our relationships with God and each other this month!


April 1-7: Adore God with all your heart, mind and soul

Prayer Focus: Thank God for the amazing gift of Easter and its promise for each one of us. Praying for wisdom for the PNC as they search for a new pastor. 
Sunday: Easter Worship at 10 am, followed by an Easter Egg Hunt in the courtyard!
Monday: Kitchen clean up at 9:00 am
Monday: Set your watches to pray at 5:00 pm for the Pastor Nominating Committee!
Try it: In your small group or with a trusted friend, think and share the special ways you practice adoration of God!


April 8-14: Everyone will pray together at the same time. wherever you are.  

Prayer Focus: Asking that God will give us all energy and determination to serve Him in our community, that folks who come to Todos Santos also come to know God.
Sunday: Worship at 10:oo AM, Bob Blincoe preaches and shares his story in Sunday School
Monday: Prayer time for everyone from 5:00 to 6:00 PM, especially praying for the PNC meeting at 7:00 PM that evening
Try it: Visit one of our Friends-At-Home who is unable to join us in church on Sunday mornings

Reach Out:

April 15-21: talking to new people, making new friends

Prayer Focus: For our nation, Congress, our state, our county, our city, all of our leaders.
Sunday: Worship at 10:oo AM and Sunday Shuffle = sit in a different place this morning and reach out to someone who is not familiar to you
Monday: Prayer time for everyone from 5:00 to 6:00 PM, especially for the PNC meeting at 7:00 PM that evening. Pray for decision-makers, that their choices be wise
Try it: Saturday the 21st—Prayer walk at 9:30 AM


April 22 – 28: Time, talent and treasure are gifts from God to share with our congregation and others

Prayer Focus: For Beginnings and Beyond Montessori Christian Preschool and Kindergarten for the children and teachers; for all children, teens and young adults.
Sunday: Worship at 10:oo AM, Elders away to visit another church
Monday: Prayer time for everyone from 5:00 to 6:00 PM
Try it: Invest extra time and treasure. Consider extra dollars in the offering plate, especially an extra contribution to our new sound system. Consider investing time this month to help the kitchen stay clean, front office staffed with helpful presence, or keep up the building and grounds.


April 29 & 30: Love for God, for ourselves, for our neighbors, for our world

Prayer Focus: For the sick and lonely in our congregation and our community. May they be comforted. 
Sunday: Worship at 10:oo AM, followed by the Deacons’ Parish Luncheon —let the Deacons help us to show our love for one another
Monday: Prayer time for everyone from 5:00 to 6:00 PM, especially for the PNC meeting at 7:00 PM that evening. Pray for the sick and the lonely.